Oil Refinery Grade

This premium grade rock salt by Himalayan Natural Minerals is usually used in oil refineries and petrochemical industry. In oil refineries, when direct stripping steam from the stripper column is released, the hydro-desulfurization units for jet and diesel require coalesce and salt dryer. The salt dryer completely avoids product off specification in water and appears hazy.

Size and size distribution of the rock salt particles is very important. Small particles cause severe corrosion in downstream system due to salt carry-over. On the other hand, large sized particles have significantly less effect on the surface area.

Our different grades of rock salt have several advantages over other varieties in market. After proper size management, screening, drying and packaging at our advanced and highly sophisticated plant, it becomes easier for us to directly ship the product to our customer. This procedure is totally contamination and moisture free and also minimizes the crystals from getting damaged during transportation.

We produce and formulates salt for de-icing/snow melting purposes for winter road maintenance and exports to several locations worldwide. Our de-icing salt is specially graded and sorted to match technical specifications of grain size ranges to meet most countries equipment requirements.

De-icing Salts prevent 90% of road accidents in snow-prone areas during winter seasons. A thin layer of snow sheet on the roads, also known as ‘black ice’ is the major cause of road accidents during snow season, salt is sprinkled on these icy roads to melt the ice-sheet and make traction easier and safer to motorists.

Each country uses different equipment for dispersing salt on snowed-on roads, our specially formulated de-icing salt ensures that the salt is fit for use in salt dispersing machines and equipment.

A particle size range of 0.15mm and up to a maximum of 6mm (or 8mm in some countries) ensures that the salt does not choke or damage the salt spray machines.

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