Crystalline Rock Salt

We offer our customers a number of grades in crystalline rock salt from Dark Pink to Light Pink and a crystal clear transparent Halite rock salt.

We produce a variety of grain sizes as per buyer’s specific needs, we manufacture 5 basic variants in grain sizes namely as Super-Fine grain 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, Extra-Fine grain 0.4mm ~ 0.9mm, Medium grain 0.7mm ~ 1.5mm, Coarse grain 3.0mm ~ 7.0mm and Extra-Coarse grain 5.0mm ~ 9mm.

Salt washing process. Multiple washing cleanses the salt from contaminations and makes it safe for human consumption.

Our rock salt is crushed in stainless steel jaw-crushers and the crushed product is then processed with multi-stage washing with brine solution (liquified salt).
Multiple washing cleanses Himalayan rock salt from several contaminants and makes it safe and fit for human consumption.

Washing salt is an expensive practice because almost 50% of the salt dissolves and goes to waste during wash, but this process removes all chemically toxic and harmful deposits from rock salt, the most important of which is, removal of dynamite residue that is a direct result of the use of dynamite explosives used in the mining process.


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