Rock Salt Tiles

Rock Salt Tiles is an ingenious concept for Pakistan. They are commonly used to make speleotherapy cabins. Speleotherapy means to be cured while located in a room. The presence of rock salt tiled walls is for people to sit and breathe in ionized air. Natural negative ions are produced through ionization process of salt crystals.

In European countries like Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Armenia and in Asia, like Pakistan, have utilized salt mines as speleotherapy clinics. People visit these in large numbers to spend healthy time inside the mines to breathe rich negative-ion air. Since many patients can’t afford to go to the mines due to long distances and travelling fatigue, they prefer to have a salt mine cabin of their own, set up in any of the small rooms of their houses. Rock salt tiles are used to make walls and flooring of the cabin, turning it into a small salt room.
State-of-the-art cabins are being constructed by using lights behind these walls of rock salt tiles. This projects a dimly lit, soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Rock salt tiles are gaining popularity in western high cuisine where food is cooked and served over exotic rock salt tiles.


Salt Room Wall
Rock Salt Slab as BBQ Grill
Rock Salt Slab for Cooking over Stove

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