Bath Salts

Straight from the mountains of Himalayas, we have especially hand-picked, hand washed and hand sorted bath salts for our valued customers. Our bath salts have proven to be a very effective remedy for the control of stress, tiredness, insomnia, arthritis, aches, muscle spasms, skin conditions and mental or physical fatigue.

Prepared naturally with no chemicals added, untreated and unscented bath salt crystal rocks make the bathing experience more relaxing and soothing.

Adding salt crystals to your bath not only counters aches and pains, but helps to soften and beautify your skin by cleaning your pores and detoxifying your body.

Bath Salts are also popularly used in health and beauty spas, salons, massage parlors, health clubs and hydrotherapy treatment facilities.

Himalayan Natural Minerals offer many different grades of bath salts. Rocks ranging approximately from 2mm to 4” in size are used for this application. We have just added a new soap size in addition to other sizes which has become very popular amongst our customers. Many different packaging options are also available from simple poly bags to artistically manufactured cotton pouches with strings.

You can relax and de-stress with a mineral rich bath using just a small scoop of our bath salts. The water infused with over 80 natural minerals is soaked up in the skin, the process is called dermal absorption, through which all minerals are absorbed by the body.

Numerous studies have also found that regularly soaking in a saline solution can also help soothe pain and inflammation in the body caused by various ailments like arthritis etc.

The pink salt solution also helps detoxify your body from all harmful toxins that we are exposed to throughout our daily lives. The toxins enter our bodies through our daily diet, the air surrounding us, cleaning products, personal care products etc. A natural and detoxifying pink Himalayan salt bath is one of the best ways to remove all these toxins from our body to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Other benefits associated with salt infused baths include improved skin due to the natural anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties of salt also providing extra hydration and rejuvenation to the skin, better blood flow through the body and the warm water expands your arteries and help increase blood circulation temporarily.

In order to create the perfect and relaxing mineral rich bath, it is important that you use the right products which are 100% natural and also ensure that you are using the right ratio of salt to water.

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